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ADZcoin - One Of The Most Powerful Crypto Currencies Out There  


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ADZcoin is one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies at the moment. ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency (digital money) that can be traded for Bitcoin/cash or it can be exchanged for advertising space on the ADZbuzz network. Every ADZcoin represents a part of the daily ad inventory on the fast-growing ADZbuzz network, giving it the intrinsic value. Advertisers pay billions of Dollars for ad space elsewhere but with ADZcoin they can swap them for lifelong ad credits on the ADZbuzz network, i.e., pay once, advertise forever.

What makes ADZcoin so special?

  • Constant demand from the company itself – ADZbuzz is using its profits to buy ADZcoins from the market and share them with ADZbuzz users and web publishers who have connected their site to ADZbuzz. For example, 40% of Buzzex profit will be used to purchase ADZcoins from the market. This will make sure that there will be an evergrowing demand for ADZcoin.
  • Constant demand from advertisers – Because every ADZcoin can be exchanged into a lifelong Ad Space inside ADZbuzz, ADZcoin will get a tremendous demand from advertisers once ADZbuzz grows big enough. ADZbuzz Ad Space is defined by ADZbuzz Ad Credits. You can use ADZbuzz Ad Space for as long as you hold ADZbuzz Ad Credits. ADZcoins can be exchanged into Ad Credits with the ratio 1 to 1.
  • Decreasing supply – There will be 84 000 000 ADZ ever created. That means there is a limited supply but in addition to that ADZcoin supply is decreasing over time too, making it even more valuable asset. Every ADZcoin that is being exchanged into ADZbuzz Ad Space will be burnt and it will be gone forever. And in addition to that ADZbuzz will also burn half of the ADZcoins which it has bought from the market with its profit.
    You check how many ADZcoins have been burnt already by clicking here.
  • Masternodes – At the block 500 000, ADZcoin will go through a hard fork and with that, masternodes will become available. Masternodes are giving the opportunity for passive income seekers to start earning passively from the blockchain itself. In case you don’t know what benefits masternodes have, you read about them here.



ADZcoin specifications

Ticker: ADZ
Algorithm: X11 Proof of Work
Target block time: 60 seconds
Block Reward: 40 ADZcoins
Block Reward Halving: Every 525,600 blocks
Difficulty retargeting using the multipool-resistant DigiShield
Total Supply: 84 Million ADZcoins
Block Reward: 45% to miners, 45% to masternode owners, 10% to ADZbuzz budget




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Very nice and true text Armin! 

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Posted by: tris82

Very nice and true text Armin! 

Thanks, although I have to change it a little when we get an official announcement about ADZ future.


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