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Celery Juice Challenge  


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03/03/2020 9:49 am  

Another challenge in the series "You are what you eat!"

Whatever you put into your body directly affects you. And not just that you gain weight when you eat too much. Your energy levels, mood, and overall health directly depend on what food you consume.

I have had a problem with my digestive system for a quite long time and I have tried different options from which the last one was cutting off all dairy products, white wheat flour, sugar, and non-eco meat. See the challenge here.

After following the plan for 50 days, I saw no results so I decided to try another thing which is a celery juice to the empty stomach. I'm going to do it for 30 days to see will I see any change.

My ultimate challenge: "Becoming The Best Version Of Myself"

The article mentioned in the video: "Baking Soda Can Remove Large Amounts of Pesticide Residue From Fruits & Vegetables" (Up To 90%)


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