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50 Days Intermittent Fasting Challenge  


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25/02/2019 3:14 pm  

It is time to take up another challenge. This time it is a healthy eating challenge. It doesn’t mean that I have eaten garbage till today 😉 For the last 5…6 years I have been very conscious what I put in my mouth. I have tried many diets over those years, from vegan (PH diet) to almost only meat eating (ketogenic diet) but what they all have had in common is to take out sugars and white flour (wheat). This is what I have always said to people who ask what diet they have to use to lose weight and have a healthy body: “Got out sugars and wheat products”.

The diet what I´m going to do now is something which I have done before and I have had good results with it. I quit it because of the lack of variety. I ate the same food almost every day and I got sick of feeling the same taste constantly 😉

The diet is ketogenic diet (ketosis) but this time I will mix it with intermittent fasting which is a way to go if you want to live cancer or any chronic illness free life. You have more energy during the day. Your mind is sharper and it even slows down aging.

Read the post about the diet itself.

How the challenge looks like

To get to the ketosis (body starts to use ketones as an energy source instead of glucose) I have to restrict myself from carbohydrates (consume less than 50g of carbs a day) for two weeks. This means no bread, no rice, no potatoes, no cereals (even no full grain), no sweets. So anything which has more than 10% of carbs in it will be cut out from my daily diet.

When my body goes to ketosis I can loosen up more and start eating a bigger variety of foods. The only restriction is not to eat anything for 16h. So the “eating window” is 8 hours and “not eating window” is 16 hours. It is not as hard as it seems. For example, if I wake up at 7 am, I will eat my breakfast at 10 am this leaves me room to have my last meal of the day at 6 pm. If you look at it that way, then it should not be a big problem 🙂 But let's see how it goes 😉

The Challenge!

I´m not doing this challenge to lose weight or something because I already am in very good shape. But anyway here is my data on the third day (forgot to measure on the first two days)

  • Age: 40
  • Physical activity: 3…4 workouts a week (BJJ training)
  • Weight: 67.7 kg
  • Fat: 11.8%
  • Water: 65.1%
  • Muscle mass 44.9%

I´m not going to write every day, I´m going to do it when I have something to say

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25/02/2019 3:53 pm  


The morning was pretty good. Had my breakfast (fried eggs with fried green beans in a lot of butter) and started my day. At lunch made a simple salad with fresh vegetables and greens, plus added apple vinegar, flax oil and mayonnaise for better taste.
In the evening though when I went to my BJJ class I felt gassed out in the second roll already, even when I started very slow. There were no carbs in my body so no energy to produce from. I slowed down little more and managed to pull it through with no any major setbacks 🙂
I believe the training will speed up the process for entering ketosis because my body is under stress and it needs the energy to keep going. As the energy need is bigger than without working out, the body might switch to ketones much faster.


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